January 2021 Uplink

Executive Director’s Message

Watching the Inauguration today, I was struck by the dual themes of renewal and revitalization.  These themes are also relevant and timely for our professional lives, as we face the challenges and opportunities in the coming months. I am hopeful that the new administration will be able to accelerate vaccine production and that our state and local leaders will have the resources to make insure that is translated into more vaccinations.  This accomplishment will lead the way for renewal and revitalization for the nation and our industry.

We must all be aware of the lasting damage the pandemic has wrought on our community,  but it has also drawn us closer together.  It is my sincere hope, regardless of your personal politics that we all embrace the idea that we are ALL in this together.  As we look forward to renewal and revitalization we also are released from rigid practices that might have prevented innovation in the workplace.   Our revitalization and return from the pandemic will  include the industry’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.  In the coming months, the Tech San Diego team will be working hard to promote events and resources that will help our industry fulfill our collective goals of renewal and revitalization.

Looking forward to a time in the very near future when we will be able to meet in person again!

Kevin Carroll, Executive Director  |  Tech San Diego



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