Ready to Work 2023

A Specialized Certificate Program for STEM College Students in San Diego

The Ready to Work (RTW) Certificate Program is a community-centered approach of integrating academia, industry and community towards elevating San Diego’s tech cluster!  RTW will facilitate a meaningful “college to career” experience for our San Diego STEM college students and tech companies in the region.  Driven by a career-guided, self-paced and employer-led curriculum in essential workplace skill development and career readiness, RTW supports tech students’ effective and immediate transition into the San Diego innovation workforce!

*Fast track your tech career in San Diego with essential workplace skills sought out by employers 

*Exclusive access to tech executives and companies through Tech San Diego’s extensive network

*Increase your chances of getting hired immediately in San Diego’s tech and innovation community

*Self-paced approach in completing ten (10) hours of certificate requirements within a 6-month period

What is the Ready to Work Program?

The Ready to Work (RTW) Certificate Program is recognized by Tech San Diego employers and partners as the region’s leading program in preparing our next generation of tech talent from our universities and community colleges in San Diego.  We understand the student workload of classes, studying, group projects, student employment, campus involvement and/or personal responsibilities; therefore, we intentionally designed the RTW program to work with your tight schedule for minimal time commitment with maximum efficiency.  This program is funded by the Jacobs Talent Initiative and is free to STEM students enrolled in one of our local universities and community colleges in San Diego.
The self-paced approach with the flexibility to complete ten (10) hours of program requirements within a 6-month period makes this program ideal and meaningful for today’s college STEM student!

How Does the Program Work?

A selected number of students from the local universities and community colleges will explore regional tech opportunities, obtain essential workplace skills and build a strong professional tech network.  This will be accomplished by completing ten (10) hours of program activities in the following three (3) categories between March 2023 – September 2023:

Student Qualifications

*Enrolled in one of the universities or community colleges in San Diego
*Class Status: Junior, Senior or Graduate Student
*Majors: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM)
*Pursuing a STEM-related career

Why Should I Apply?

*Provides you the competitive edge that makes you stand out from other applicants for jobs and internships
*Demonstrates to employers you have the skills and initiative necessary to succeed in the workplace
*Connects you to regional opportunities and helps you thrive with the support of Tech San Diego
*It’s a tailored-made program for you to succeed – easy to complete, minimal time commitment and beneficial outcomes

Application for Spring 2023 is now closed.  

If you are an employer interested in participating in the Ready to Work Program, please contact University Talent Director, Christy Quiogue at