Teradata, now headquartered in Rancho Bernardo, is one of the original and largest data science companies in the world. The quarterly distinguished speaker series brings global data science leaders to San Diego to share leading edge technology ideas and business practices. Recently, senior data scientists from Verizon and Visa spoke on a number of Data Science issues including common reasons behind the failure of Predictive Analytics projects, how to build high performing data science/analytics teams, and Advanced Modeling Techniques.

Upcoming Events

We’re still planning our next Data Science Distinguished Speaker event. We’ll post more information soon.

Past Events

Peter Lee, Microsoft

Ksenija Draskovic, Verizon Wireless

Ram Ravichandran, VISA

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Teradata empowers companies to achieve high-impact business outcomes. Their focus on business solutions for analytics, coupled with their industry leading technology and architecture expertise, can unleash the potential of great companies. Visit teradata.com to learn more.