Tech San Diego recognizes that one of the biggest challenges facing the San Diego regional tech community is recruiting and retaining qualified tech talent. We want to help out. Join us for a monthly podcast featuring an organization operating in San Diego that is actively hiring. If you’re looking for your next tech job, listen in to hear what positions are available, find out about the company culture, learn more about the leadership team, advancement opportunities, and more.

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Cushman and Wakefield’s Andy Ewald discusses the incoming Gen Z workforce and the best ways to attract and retain them.

As the most technologically savvy and diverse generation to date, Gen Z is poised to reshape workplace dynamics, communication styles, and organizational values. Cushman and Wakefield’s Andy Ewald provides expert insights into what employers and colleagues can expect from this new wave of talent, including their preferences for flexibility, demand for meaningful work, and innovative approaches to problem-solving. He also discusses how companies can adapt their strategies to attract, retain, and empower Gen Z employees, ensuring a thriving and forward-thinking workplace.

See the report: Creating Spaces for Everyone: Bridging the Multi-Generational Gap

Demographic Shifts: The World in 2030

Generational Workplace Differences: Cushman and Wakefield

Major thanks to Andy Ewald from Cushman and Wakefield for joining us to talk about the newest generational trends for the ever-evolving workforce.

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Past Episodes

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