July Issue 2021 | Career Readiness Edition

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Greetings from the Jacobs Talent Initiative!

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer and keeping busy with internships, work, and educational opportunities! In continuation of last month’s theme, this month highlights career readiness resources. With San Diego’s job posting numbers at the same level as they were in 2019, companies are actively recruiting top university talent like you! To help you prepare, I gathered numerous resources to ease some of the stress that comes with assembling a great application. Also, don’t forget to check the Job Alert section every month for exclusive access to employment opportunities in San Diego and be one of the first to apply—do not miss out!


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T3 Podcast: Talking Tech Talent with Verimatrix


Learn from SVP of Engineering, Matt Fite, and Senior Engineer, Kim Voegele, as they discuss the work culture at Verimatrix, growth opportunities, and what they look for when interviewing potential new hires. Visit Verimatrix Careers to see what opportunities are available!

Want to learn more about Verimatrix?

Learn from Ajay Ahuja, Data Engineer, and Charles Weng, Software Engineer, at Verimatrix as they discuss daily responsibilities, career paths, and more! Also hear from Thomas Savell, CEO of GCAS Inc, as he shares career advice and how he started his company.

Get Hired: Digitizing Small Businesses with GoSite Webinar


Need interviewing tips to earn a spot in GoSite’s internship program from lead University Recruiter, Kara Sherrard? Join us as we learn from Victoria Ashton, VP of People Operations, and Arman Ashrafian, Software Engineer, as they discuss company initiatives, talent, recruiting, and tips to succeed in the workplace.

Which jobs are in demand?

Check out this month’s Talent Pulse which outlines hiring trends in the region in partnership with San Diego North Economic Development Council. Erik Bruvold, CEO of SDNEDC, analyzes monthly talent reference reports derived from hundreds of job boards that examine labor market trends as measured by job postings.

Looking for a Job? 

Visit Tech San Diego’s Regional Tech Directory! This is a comprehensive and regularly growing list. Visit the Tech Directory to see what the job market landscape looks like, see who’s hiring, and who’s a member of Tech San Diego! 

NEW JOB ALERT: Cubic is hiring! Here is your chance to join the team.

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Apply through Cubic Cubic Website: General Information Apply through our Handshake Account: Embedded Software Engineer

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