Peer Roundtables

Plug into San Diego’s dynamic tech community and gain access to roundtables and other events that provide face time with peers, customers and investors. Grow your professional network for your business and your team.

University Talent Initiative

Tech San Diego has partnered with regional Universities to help fuel the local talent pipeline while building tools to help our companies access University talent, from sourcing new graduates, internships and opportunities at research and collaborations

Benefits Tech Trust

Attract and retain talent with our Benefits Technology Trust, which leverages the exceptional health risk demographics of technology organizations and unites them under one entity to take advantage of shared risk, lower cost and better results. 

Data Science Initiative

Data Science, AI, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics trace their roots to San Diego. This May, in partnership with UCSD, marks the first annual Data Science Day. This is a day dedicated to the role of data science in San Diego.  There is a very energetic local industry cluster advancing these technologies and building groundbreaking applications, and we’ve worked diligently to develop a host of initiatives to highlight the region as a center of excellence.