Human Resources Roundtable

Human Resources Roundtable

Chairwomen: Erona Liku, Nextivity and Nancy Allan, Indyme

The HR Roundtable is focused on human capital issues, specifically recruitment, retention, and employee development. Through education and the exchange of information, these issues are examined from both a peer perspective as well as invitations to select content providers. The HR Roundtable also assists Tech San Diego in several core areas such as the Jacobs Talent Initiative, T3: Talking Tech Talent Podcast, and the Tech Directory.

The HR Roundtable is held bi-monthly and participation is for Tech San Diego members and invited guests. If you are interested in attending please fill out the form below!

About the Chairpeople

Erona Liku, Nextivity powered by Cel-Fi

A business can be as successful as its people! Her passion is understanding human behavior and providing the tools to succeed in a business environment. She is an HR professional that thrives on helping people, understanding their behavior, and supporting their success. Her experience of over a decade in aligning HR strategies with overarching business goals has resulted in a considerable increase in productivity, safety, and employee engagement.

Having worked with small companies in her career, she had the opportunity to build HR departments, understand the challenges of a small company and help build successful teams. Erona currently works for a small tech company in San Diego, Nextivity, and leads all HR initiatives that align the business goals with the culture of the company.

Nancy Allan, Indyme

After many, many years in various levels of retail leadership, I’ve joined Indyme Solutions, a company that solves problems for retailers. As our HR Manager, I’ve taken on the role of recruiter, trainer, coach, active listener, counselor, and head cheerleader. I’m happy to be a part of Tech San Diego and a member of the HR Roundtable. One of my goals is to help the HR Roundtable provide value and the sharing of ideas among the members, and to have some fun along the way!

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