The Tech San Diego Talent Pulse

We are excited to announce a new partnership with the San Diego North Economic Development Council and introduce the newly updated Talent Pulse, the monthly talent reference report derived from hundreds of job boards that look at labor market trends as measured by job postings.

The raw data is provided by Economic Modeling Specialists International.


With a 4% increase in the number of post tech posting since May, the San Diego tech job posting numbers now stands at the same level they did in June 2019.  Indeed, the percentage of unique postings for tech workers accelerated while overall posting in San Diego slightly declined.



About the Analyst

Erik Bruvold, CEO, SDNEDC is an economic and workforce development expert with more than 25 years of experience working in higher education and non-profit management positions. In multiple positions and for multiple organizations I have served internal and external stakeholders with understandable research that focuses on specific action steps and concrete results and implemented many of those findings to produce measurable positive outcomes. Built operational and strategic reserves for the first time in the organization’s 25 year history.  My research and commentary has been covered by national news media, the Union-Tribune, KBPS, the San Diego Business Journal and multiple local TV stations.



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