Meeting bimonthly, the series takes an in-depth look at AI & Machine Learning trends. Each meeting features a presentation from a local company utilizing AI & Machine learning as a primary technology or business driver.

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Aaron Trefler

Data Scientist II, Measurabl

Carny Cheng

VP, Engineering

Introducing ESG Advisory Services from Measurabl

Measurabl, the world’s most widely adopted ESG platform for real estate, has been included in Cleantech Group’s 2023 Global Cleantech 100—a list of the most innovative and promising companies that will take customers from commitments to actions in their efforts to reach net zero carbon emissions.

Matt Ellis, Measurabl’s Co-Founder and CEO: “Since real estate accounts for 40 percent of global carbon emissions and is foundational to all aspects of the global economy, it’s essential a platform like Measurabl exists to collect, quality-assure, share and act on ESG at scale, including things like regulatory compliance and net-zero carbon commitments.”

  • Find out how Measurabl is leveraging machine learning (ML) to enhance our product lines in order to help our customers reach their sustainability goals from meter to market.
  • Measurabl offers our Asset Optimization product at the meter level, which leverages ML and near real-time data processing to determine when to send notifications to customers due to inefficient building operations.
  • At the portfolio level, Measurabl offers our Core product, which leverages ML to help our customers understand how their buildings are performing relative to their peers.
  • At the capital markets level, Measurabl offers our Data product line, which leverages ML in order to provide energy consumption and carbon emission predictions for buildings across the globe.

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Date: Wednesday March 29, 2023


This Event is Co-Hosted by Dynam.AI

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