Manufacturing Operations Roundtables

Manufacturing Operations Roundtable

The Manufacturing Operations Roundtable provides manufacturing executives a forum for discussion of common strategic, operational, financial and technical issues. Its mission is to share experiences and knowledge in order to enable members to develop informed positions affecting policy, methods, and cost optimization.

The Manufacturing Operations Roundtable is held every other month. These meetings are topic driven and open to both Tech San Diego members and non-member companies. If you are interested in attending please contact Kevin Carroll at

The Manufacturing and Operations Roundtable is generously sponsored  by the California Manufacturing and Technology Council. To learn more about CMTC, visit

Current State of the Supply Chain – Hint: it ain’t good

Critical issues facing the supply chain and strategies to mitigate

To say the Pandemic has been a shock to supply chains would be an understatement.    What was once a finely tuned JIT highly maintained supply chain have collapsed for many companies.   Join us as we examine the most critical and timely issues facing the supply chain in the age of COVID19. 

As companies have adapted and made adjustments to their supply chain, it is time to closely examine what is really happening.   What is working and perhaps more importantly what is not working.  How are many companies successfully taking advantage of the chaos and taking the opportunity to fundamentally reexamine past processes?   join us as we both take a look at the current supply chain and take a deeper dive into strategies that will help increase both efficiency and reliability of your current supply chain.  

  • Supply Chain Shocks – “Lions, Tigers, and Bears oh my!”
  • Alignment of Supply Chain with Logistics
  • Risk mitigation in Supply Chain Management
  • 21st Century Supply Chains – Technology & Strategy 

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Senior Operations Roundtable

Chairman: Gary Eigen

The Senior Manufacturing Operations Roundtable provides senior operations executives an opportunity to meet in a more intimate environment. This Roundtable is held the third Wednesday of every other month.

If you are interested in attending please contact Kevin Carroll at

Gary Eigen
Director of Operations, BAE Systems

Gary Eigen is Director of Operations at BAE Systems in Rancho Bernardo, leading a team that produces avionics test systems for the USAF. Gary’s manufacturing career has spanned 25 years in consumer product, capital equipment and defense companies. He has focused on process optimization as a Six Sigma Blackbelt and Lean specialist. He has a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from MIT.