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Executive Director’s Message:

We are all proud of ourselves for making the remote workplace a success.  Projects are being worked on, deadlines are being met (kind of) and short term productivity rates did not plunge.    But look a little closer and you can see some problems on the horizon. 

  • Working remotely requires over communication, how are you training for that?  Are we having too many meetings?  Not enough?  
  • What communication channels are we using for different types of communication? 
  • Concerns over productivity is leading to mistrust and micromanaging.   I already know several companies that are researching ‘productivity’ tools that will track exactly what you are doing remotely.  
  • Without the requisite in-person meetings body language cues are no longer available which is adding to miscommunications.  
  • What about your vaunted company culture?  Your company culture is what connects your workforce in a way that promotes retention.  Will you be able to retain your workforce without the culture? 
  • What about the part of your workforce that does not want to work from home?   

Even though the County has moved into a phase where office workers can return – many will continue to work remotely.   Safety concerns, lack of daycare  and no immediate driving force the workforce to return are leading many workers to stay remote for now.   In the coming months Tech San Diego will be taking a look at these issues through a series of webinars. 

Although the war for talent may have slightly retreated, it has not gone way and I know companies are starting to accelerate their talent acquisition efforts.  Tech San Diego is well positioned to  help our members, through our extensive talent portfolio which includes our Tech Directory, University Talent Initiative, Talent Pulse or other activities.  If you are an existing or future member of Tech San Diego, let us customize a talent retention and recruitment strategy utilizing Tech San Diego.  

You will also begin to see some of our normal programming albeit virtually !  We are currently scheduling both the Cooley AI/Machine Learning Series ( see below)  and the Teradata Distinguished Speaker Series, make sure to visit the events page here to check on events.  

Please visit our COVID19 resource page as we continue to curate links on this subject under a special section.   

Kevin Carroll, Executive Director

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