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Executive Director’s Message

Executive Director Message

Big tech layoffs can provide opportunities for talented individuals who were previously unable to secure employment at these companies due to high levels of competition for positions. When large tech companies go through layoffs, it frees up talent that can be absorbed by other companies, startups, or entrepreneurial ventures. These displaced employees may bring with them valuable skills and experiences that can benefit their new employers.

Additionally, layoffs can also result in the creation of new job opportunities, as companies may seek to replace the roles that were cut and expand in other areas.  One of the selling points we make to new University talent is the benefits of working for a small to medium size tech organization often can equal or outweigh the benefits of working for one of the larger tech firms!

For the individuals impacted by the layoffs, it can also provide an opportunity for career growth and personal development. They may take the chance to explore new industries or learn new skills, potentially leading to more fulfilling careers.  I would suggest any regional tech execs that were laid off visit the tech directory here

However, it is important to note that layoffs can also have a significant negative impact on the affected employees, their families, and the broader economy. Companies must handle layoffs responsibly and ethically.

BTW – I totally did not use ChatGBT and then edit it to sound like me for this executive director message -Kevin Carroll, Executive Director

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Using AI to Revolutionize Global Payments

Featuring Guest Speaker, Hui Wang, VP of Data Science at Paypal

AI is changing the way companies do business in almost every way. But what companies do with the valuable data and intelligence is what makes the difference. With increasing demand for efficiency and accuracy comes a growing demand for stellar AI and data scientists. At PayPal, with the combination of advanced AI, modern data infrastructure, humongous amount of data, and brilliant minds from our scientists, we are revolutionizing global payments and democratizing financial services.

Join Hui Wang, Sr. Director of Global Risk and Data Sciences, as she discusses how PayPal’s unique data science teams have built their own in-house AI systems and enabled effortless experience for our customers

More Information
Date: Tuesday January 26, 2021
Time: 4:00-5:00pm
Location: GoToWebinar

Complimentary for Tech San Diego Data Science Roundtable members and CTO/Chief Software Development Roundtable Members
Tech San Diego Members: $20.00
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Measuring the Future: AI and San Diego’s Economy

Featuring Guest Speakers Nate Kelley, EDC and Joseph Rohnert, BoozAllen

San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation, in partnership with Booz Allen Hamilton and the San Diego artificial intelligence (AI) community at-large, launched a study to define AI and Machine Learning (ML), identify key industries and clusters in San Diego County where AI and ML have been implemented, and ultimately quantify the impacts of these technologies on the San Diego regional economy.

This report is the first in a series that will explore the proliferation of AI in San Diego from a number of angles, including deep-dives into the industries where AI and ML have made the most significant inroads and could have the most meaningful long-term impacts.

Join Tech San Diego as we welcome Nate Kelley from San Diego Economic Development Council and Joseph Rohner from Booz, Allen & Hamilton for a discussion about this report.

Date: Thursday, February 18, 2021

Time: 10:00 AM- 11:00 AM

Location: The Comfort of your Home Office

Registration: Complimentary for Tech San Diego Members and Dynam.AI VIP’s

Non-Members: $20.00

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